Multigration by Filippp

IT (Impulse Tracker)
Author's note:
This is a my new chiptune. Thanks for all Russian sceners:)
vts:49 pts:311 avg:6.35 iqm:6.16


29.04.2024 20:38 by Filip Śliwiński
Good chiptune!
29.04.2024 21:59 by ATroubleshooter
Good one.
16bit sens... or what? ;)
30.04.2024 08:50 by FilipppX
It's 20kb file.
30.04.2024 08:50 by FilipppX
And chip samples.
01.05.2024 14:56 by ATroubleshooter
Oh nevermid. Just ressembled that - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6xXu0cneaSY a bit.
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