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Author's note:
PC/DOS musicdisk for ESFM (ESS AudioDrive/Solo-1 enhanced FM synthesizer)

code, graphics and design by wbcbz7
featuring music by Abstract64, Natt, Raijin, dj.tuBIG, Spinning Square Waves, PotaJoe, gtr3qq, tapekeeper and Laggy

only Furnace makes it possible!
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Author's note:
Фрагмент музыкального релиза 2024 Владимира Кутякова. Полная версия ожидается...
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Author's note:
WARNING: you might lose some braincells after this one!

a shitpost about selling the best computers in the world.

made within 3 hours. Have fun nevertheless.
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Author's note:
Tomas Ukkonen aka cslr / sensar studios production 2024. Music by me and visuals created by playing with open source codes/projects that create cool effects.
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IT (Impulse Tracker)
Author's note:
This is a my new chiptune. Thanks for all Russian sceners:)
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PC (Windows)
Author's note:
Simply predicting the next word was enough to create meaningful text with LLM, but what about Art?
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