• Музыка в любом стиле, написанная в трекерных редакторах.
  • Размер не более 4mb.
  • Макс. количество каналов - 64.
  • Tracked music in any styles.
  • Filesize limit: 4mb.
  • Channels limit: 64.
FastTracker II v2.08
Комментарий автора:
Watcha !!! Mighty slavian from -PRESTIGE- :))) and
Atomic Destruction Music Studio back in ya mind wiz
new amazin' intro chip tone kalled -ViKi ViKa-!
Hello to all the dinosaurs from the Holy nineties!)
Slash_AtD still rules the scene since 1992! iiii];)'
ZX-Spectrum and AMiGA RULES 4ever!
Mess with the best - die like the rest!
It's Good 2 B the King! iiii]; )'

p.s. greetingz fly to Fatal Snipe !
ZX-Spectrum rulez 4ever!!!
vts:56 pts:494 avg:8.82 iqm:9.18
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vts:56 pts:392 avg:7.00 iqm:6.93
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vts:54 pts:377 avg:6.98 iqm:7.21
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vts:56 pts:362 avg:6.46 iqm:6.43
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Комментарий автора:
Scream Tracker 3 module
vts:55 pts:226 avg:4.11 iqm:4.19
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