• Музыка в любом стиле, написанная в трекерных редакторах.
  • Размер не более 4mb.
  • Макс. количество каналов - 64.
  • Время звучания не более 3 минут.
  • Tracked music in any styles.
  • Filesize limit: 4mb.
  • Channels limit: 64.
  • Playtime limit: 3 minutes.
FastTracker II v2.08 / xm
Author's note:
Wake up Scener
The Matrix has you... Follow the demoscene...
Knock, knock Scener.
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vts:47 pts:379 avg:8.06 iqm:8.09

Author's note:
4 channels, 8 bit samples, 777 kb.
Made especially for DiHalt 2023 demoparty.
Equipment used: Yamaha acoustic guitar, MXL AC-400 microphone, Moog Model 15, MoArtt Pianoteq, Apple GarageBand, Schism Tracker, Amiga ProTtacker 3.62
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vts:51 pts:401 avg:7.86 iqm:8.04

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vts:47 pts:360 avg:7.66 iqm:7.91

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vts:46 pts:274 avg:5.96 iqm:6.08

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vts:47 pts:278 avg:5.91 iqm:6.00

vts:46 pts:271 avg:5.89 iqm:5.88

Author's note:
"This man [Ishi] is undoubtedly wild. He has pieces of
deer thong in place of ornaments in the lobes of his ears
and a wooden plug in the septum of his nose. He recognizes
most of my Yana words and a fair proportion of his own
seem to be identical [with mine]. Some of his, however, are
either quite different or else my pronunciation of them is
very bad, because he doesn't respond to them repeated."
Theodora Kroeber "ISHI IN TWO WORLDS"
vts:46 pts:202 avg:4.39 iqm:4.29